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Project Overview

Using the Boomi Listener process to automate wherein the enterprise work order ID is directly updated to Dynamics 365.

Energy Company offers turnkey solutions across various domains. With over 75 years of experience, they are pioneers in storm restoration and gas distribution services. They manage engineering-construction projects for utilities, electric cooperatives, and municipalities of all sizes across the U.S. They perform distribution, transmission and substation construction services. They have long-standing relationships with their clients across all sectors including utilities, electric cooperatives, and municipalities.


Energy Company


Charlotte, North Carolina



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The Challenge

The data from Energy Company SFTP undergoes numerous processes before being updated to Dynamics 365. It involves manual processing and monitoring at various stages. Automation of this process would reduce operational costs. The scalable automated solutions would also assist the company in effectively managing client expectations.

Lack of technical knowledge.

Validation failures.

Repeated manual processing.

Constant monitoring of work orders submitted.

Missing work orders.

The Solution

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The solution calls for automation of the process where the Energy Company work orders received from the SFTP are inserted into Dynamics 365. This issue was resolved with SFTP Boomi Process. It automated the entire process, removing manual processing.

The process would systematic as well as effective in covering all bases.

The data received from the Energy Company SFTP Boomi Process would be executed and inserted into Dynamics 365.

The Internal order from Dynamics would be taken.

The Dynamics AX 2012 Project number based on the Internal Job Number received would be analysed.

It would be checked whether a work order exists or not.

If the work order doesn’t exist, it would be created with the requisite details.

If the work order exists, it would need to be updated based on the requirement.

The Outcome

The manual and lengthy process will be automated, requiring little monitoring. The new approach is a systematic process to ensure that every work order is accounted for. This reduces chances of missing a work order. This, in turn, will enhance operational efficiency and client satisfaction.

Energy’s automation efforts will significantly lower the operational processing costs. It will encourage the time and efforts to be focused on developing the core competencies.

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