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UiPath Automation - RPA

Invoice automation with UiPath

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Project Overview

End-to-end solution using UiPath to efficiently validate, create and process the invoices

Pike is a leading energy solutions company offering turnkey services including engineering, construction, design and maintenance. They also offer engineering and infrastructure solutions for electric and gas as well as telecommunications clients.

Pike has the requisite infrastructure and resources to tackle any potential challenges. With over 75 years in the industry, Pike is a trusted partner in utility infrastructure construction, maintenance and storm response. They are known for providing ideas, technology, experience, manpower, equipment and solutions as per the client’s requirements.




North America




Oracle fusion, Dynamics 365, SQL, Outlook and excel

The Challenge

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The current system entails manual processing to validate the eligibility of the invoices. They are managed through each phase till they are accepted. Then they are recorded into Dynamics 365. The process is cumbersome and requires constant monitoring at every stage. This requires a system that is automated, secure and accurate.

Frequent validation failures.

Repeated manual processing.

Constant monitoring is required at all stages.

Missing and erroneous invoices.

Lower productivity.

The Solution

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There was a need for an end-to-end solution that validates, creates and processes the invoice. This solution was created by using UiPath. This solution integrates Oracle fusion, Dynamics 365, SQL, Outlook and excel.

The process would systematic as well as effective in covering all bases.

An integration of processes ensures live reporting and reduces the need for invoice monitoring by the technician. The 24 hours bot execution enables the clerks to create invoices without the technician’s help, thereby increasing his productivity.

This UiPath-enabled process is 100% accurate in validating the invoices. Any invoice with an error is sent back.

The Outcome

UiPath is an incredible RPA platform that helps automate business processes. The UiPath integration with the existing system would help in creating a standard approach to the processes. The data-related routine tasks will be efficiently managed, improving overall client satisfaction.

An accurate system will improve SLA compliance and client satisfaction. An increase in accuracy will allow the company to efficiently process more transactions.

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